Lucifer & Shrines



I’m new to Luciferianism, could someone please give me advice on starting an altar for Lucifer? Also, what have peacocks got to do with Him?

The Peacock is a symbol associated w/ the Yezidi deity, Melek Taus. His name derives from the words ‘Melek’ in Arabic meaning ‘King’ and ‘Tawus’ meaning ‘Peacock’. In Hebrew, Melek could also be translated from the terms ‘Melekh’ meaning King or ‘Malakh’ meaning angel.

He is often referred to as being the ‘morning star’; because of this, many Luciferians will associate Melek Taus with Lucifer. Some parts of Islam have also adapted to associating Melek Taus w/ the angel of death, Azrael. Christians have attempted to associate Melek Taus with Satan, but this is considered blasphemy by the Yezidi people who worship him.

Melek Taus is not viewed by the Yezidi as a being of evil. He is not a fallen angel, but rather the leader of Archangels. He is often depicted as having a peacock mask and/or wings, hence the association with peacocks.

Melek Taus and Phosphorus are a few titles I’ve begun to associate with Lucifer, personally. Many Luciferians will take issue with the association of Melek Taus as a title for Lucifer (because, of Christian backgrounds and the association of Satan w/ Lucifer, most likely); however, I do not have a Christian background. I do not view Lucifer as ‘Satan’. I do not view Lucifer as a being of evil, fallen angel or adversary of God. My beliefs are far more similar to that of the Yezidi in that I view Lucifer as a God, a King and Leader of the Archangels.

Whether or not you choose to adapt to the use of the peacock as a symbol is really up to you. I’m not sure what titles Lucifer carries for you, I would just keep in mind that to associate Melek Taus with Satan or any form of the Christian pantheon is considered highly offensive. 

As far as starting your altar off…

Take into consideration some of these factors when building your altar:

  • What room is it for? Living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. Consider where you want your altar to be.
  • Do you want it to be seen? If not, you’ll probably want to goal for a small and inconspicuous space. Drawers and small tables are excellent for this. You do not have to use a shelf or massive table. Small jewelry boxes are excellent for holding and hiding devotional goods!
  • If it’s on a table—-I would make sure it’s a nice, clean surface. Wipe it down! Same goes for your shelves! You don’t want to use a dirty or dingy surface to work on! Add a nice table cloth to make it more presentable! Use colors that you think may appeal to your deity! In the case of setting up a devotional space for Lucifer, some of these colors would be good to consider: Blues, Greens, Teals, Black, White, Silver and Gold. Some materials I would suggest using are velvet, lace or sateen! Window panels and valances can make pretty sweet substitutes for table cloths!
  • Keep it neat and tidy! Lucifer does not like a sloppy altar. Keep things in neat containers and clean after yourself!
  • There’s no proper starting point. Build your altar when you are ready to build it! It is not a requirement to keep one, so do not panic about starting or finishing it.
  • Be creative! Have a knack for art or writing? Display some of yours! Lucifer appreciates poetry, sculptures, paintings and/or drawings! Don’t have any of your own? Buy some! He’ll still appreciate the thought you put into your selection!
  • Be decorative! Add some statues, flowers or nice silverware! Candles serve both practical and aesthetic purposes!
  • What do you want to offer to your deity? Offerings are not a requirement, but if you feel this is the direction you wish to take your altar, I would consider keeping some dishware clean and handy! Maybe, you’ll want to give him some wine later? Or an apple?
  • Personal touches go a long way! Add something personal to your altar that you wish to share with your deity. Maybe, it’s a piece of jewelry you really like? A journal? What a cute little plush peacock! It’s the thought that counts!
  • Lastly and most importantly….DO NOT STRESS IT. Have fun with making and building up your altar! It does not have to be big and fancy! Nothing you create will be inadequate! Again, it’s the thought that counts! Material things mean nothing if your hearts not in it! Sometimes, a charm in the smallest box will be the most precious!

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