Relationships with the Unseen

Some people may take the view that this is hubris, but I pretty much default to “if I can have this relationship with a human, I can most likely have this relationship with a Deity, Power, Spirit, etc.”, and so far, it hasn’t been horribly wrong for how I interact and relate to my Deities (and Others).

Most have indicated a platonic or friendly devotional relationship, if They had to choose how to classify it. I don’t mind, since the vast majority of human-human relationships I have falls into a friendly category, too. Sometimes you have devotional relationships where you just catch up every once in a while with an offering and a prayer (perhaps tied to certain holy days) like catching up with an old friend when the two of you are free.

Other times, you have Lunch Buddies or Drinking Buddies (as I called it in a previous incarnation of a self-made divination system styled after figuring out what devotional relationship Someone wanted). A Lunch Buddy wants to share something to eat, while a Drinking Buddy wants to share a drink (not necessarily alcoholic).

Some relationships don’t fall into a friendly category, and they’re more detached. Do X and the Deity is satisfied and unlikely to want more, along those lines. Sometimes Someone shows up, is sent to you, or you’re sent to Them in order to do something and that’s it. I’ve interacted with and worked with some Deities I don’t have a devotional relationship with on certain issues (as part of my shadow work).

There can be romantic relationships, sexual relationships, and relationships that feature both. These don’t actually have to involve committed, monogamous relationships (polyamory can work with the Unseen). You can actually have a romantic relationship and/or a sexual one without dating, being a consort, or being a spouse of Someone. Sometimes there’s platonic intimacy and a QP vibe [queer-platonic or quasi-platonic].

Since I’m already wired for an inclination towards BDSM and kink [in terms of human-human relationships], I’ve actually wound up stumbling into devotional power dynamics [D/s with a Deity, Power, Spirit, etc. involved]. I approached this from existing devotional relationships, which is why I just switched out ‘relationship’ with ‘power dynamic’. This is the lens that I view Godslavery and various terms that some use for servant, slave, and other relationships through. [I plan on actually sharing my take on this in a separate post, but I am aware that some people prefer different terms / phrases than I may present.]

Basically, there are a lot of ways to interact with Someone, and no one relationship is better than another. Spousery isn’t automatically better than friendship, a relationship that involves sex isn’t better (or “the right way”) compared to a relationship without sex, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of not having certain types of relationships.


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