Rethinking Silence from the Unseen

Communicating with Deities, Powers, Spirits, etc. carries terminology that you may run into. These aren’t 100% set in stone, but if you linger around long enough, you tend to hear “godphone” and “godradio”.

  • Godphone – Grumpylokeanelder talks about how it initially started as a joke among a small group of spiritworkers and provides other thoughts on it here. A lot of people associate Hearing (clairaudience) with this, in which you can hear Deities and Others like They’re actually saying something or as a different than your usual inner monologue voice inside your head.
  • Godradio – Sometimes used instead of godphone to indicate that signal clarity (the accuracy of what you’re Hearing or how clear the message being sent is) isn’t as perfect as some associate with phones. This post by Thetwistedrope gives a reasonably accurate way of explaining how the radio metaphor works.

Godphones and godradios are not required before you can interact with a Deity, Power, Spirit, etc., and you do not need to have a 100% clear, always functional godphone / godradio in order to communicate. There can be drawbacks to having a godphone [Rockofeye’s post here covers this], and Thetwistedrope covers the godphone in relation to community here [there seems to be an over-emphasis on having one, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else, etc.]. Tags from Grumpylokeanelder that may help: godphones, communication, discernment, omens.

This post also provides suggestions on how Deities, Powers, Spirits, etc. may pass messages without directing talking with you or being able to be Seen (clairvoyance). Other senses may include clairsentience (touch / feeling), clairalience (smell), clairgustance (taste), and claircognizance (you sort of just know something; info may also be downloaded while you’re doing something else, like sleeping).

There are also other means of communication, which don’t require a godphone or other form of sensing a message: messages through dreams, lucid dreaming, signs and omens, and divination. I’ve found that Thetwistedrope’s The Gods Use Whatever Language They Have To holds pretty true. Sometimes, posts on my tumblr dash (dashomancy) are used to get my attention, and sometimes, looking at all the dream dictionaries on the internet won’t help me to understand a symbol in a dream because it winds up holding a very specific meaning for me.

I usually make all kinds of disclaimers on my blogs that I don’t Hear messages in the sense of having a godphone. I primarily use a pendulum with some other means of divination added in (cartomancy (using playing cards), tarot, bibliomancy for Infernal Entities, accepting offers of stichomancy from Gef or shufflemancy from other tumblrites I follow, some self-made systems, etc.), but transcribing the direct questions and tweaks in phrasing would kill any humor and sarcasm I sometimes mean to share, so I do use phrasing like So-and-so said this sometimes. I’ve shared here that Deities sometimes hijack plotbunnies, characters, and world building concepts in order to sneak in messages in a way that I’m not going to fight (as a writer, I can entertain certain hypothetical lines of thinking concerning plotbunnies without killing said bunny with self-doubt).


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