Devotional D/s (Part Four)

Romantic and/or Sexual Interest

Whether a Deity comes forward wanting a devotional power dynamic or not, They can come forward with varying degrees of romantic and/or sexual interest. Some Deities have no romantic and/or sexual interest at all, some only have romantic interest, some only have sexual interest, and some have romantic and sexual interest. There’s nothing wrong with any of these options, though these can add an extra layer to devotional power dynamics. Since the dynamic draws from the world of BDSM, there is the possibility that a Deity coming forward with sexual interest will also draw from other aspects of BDSM (kinks, certain types of play, certain toys, etc.). A Deity coming forward without sexual interest may still choose certain types of play, kink, toys, etc. for cathartic reasons (whether the devotee needs the catharsis, or the Deity, or both).

Some people have romantic and sexual relationships intertwined, and Deities can desire this as well, but it is possible that a Deity can step forward with only a romantic interest in a human. This may be an observance of the human not wanting a sexual relationship, for various reasons, or this may just be the Deity only wanting a romantic relationship. Regardless of the why, this type of relationship isn’t inferior or any less than a relationship with a sexual component. I just wanted to make sure this came across clearly, since the world of BDSM and some discussions of godslavery and other devotional power dynamics can appear to focus on the sexual elements of the relationship. Godsex is a valid choice, but not having godsex is also valid.

It is also possible for a Deity to come forward and desire a devotional power dynamic without having a sexual or romantic interest in the human. A platonic relationship like this will be more likely to not include sex in whatever play occurs, and whether play is included or not will depend on the dynamic. Some people may find that certain cathartic work is more beneficial when play doesn’t include sex, such as engaging in ageplay and letting themselves re-engage with their inner child without worrying that their Caregiver will try to introduce sex. Depending on a person’s beliefs and practice, play may be a way to introduce / work with certain spiritual ideas, such someone engaging in petplay to open the door to working with a spirit animal or someone who identifies as otherkin / therian using petplay to let their kin-type out to play (so to speak).


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