Devotional Power Dynamics (Intro / Masterpost)

Devotional power dynamics are devotional relationships with Deities, Spirits, Higher Powers, etc. that incorporate Dominance / submission [D/s] power dynamics. These dynamics can be adapted from human power dynamics in the BDSM world, but this doesn’t mean that a Power won’t come up with something that doesn’t appear in the known human choices. I’m more familiar with Deities engaging in these types of relationships, so I will use ‘Deity’ going forward, but that doesn’t mean that other Entities won’t show interest in these.

I personally use Dom* for Dominants of any gender, though it’s more common to see Dom/me with a certain gender in examples. Most often, examples use male pronouns for Dominants and female pronouns for submissives, but anyone regardless of gender orientation can be either one (or a switch). Anyone can be a Dom* or sub regardless of sexual orientation, as well, even though you typically run into heterosexual examples first.

Due to length, I will be splitting up what I’ve compiled into parts. This will be updated to include links as these are shared.

  • Part One – the variety of power dynamics
  • Part Two – the dynamic being in place 24/7 v not
  • Part Three – refusability / consent
  • Part Four – romantic and/or sexual interest
  • Part Five – rules, contracts, and negotiation
  • Part Six – breaking the rules and what may be a consequence (or may not be)
  • Part Seven – several topics (switching, involving multiple Deities, a Deity wanting to involve [x, y, z], and control)
  • Part Eight – a bit on getting started or determining interest

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