Odin (Karl)

[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

This is a continuation of interacting with Odin. For those who don’t want to track down the longer previous post, I used to interact with a different Face (Valkjosandi, “Chooser of the Slain”) more in relation to Military Service and the warrior dead. That Face turned away (Left) after I declined an offer of a devotional power dynamic, and I have some rules concerning what I can and can’t do. There have been some tweaks with a new Facing turning towards me, though.

– I still need to donate three pints of blood through the Red Cross, but I need to be careful about what month I donate in. I found out about Fenrir’s Binding Cycle [relevant to my practice only], and I have to donate when Fenrir is Bound now. (The cycle is likely to get its own post.)

– The rule on not interacting with any other Aesir other than Ones I already interacted with as of our devotional relationship ending has been altered a bit. I was given clearance to interact with Sif and Idunna, and because of a writing project that I’m working on that deals with collecting stories from different Deities about Sigyn, I will have very specific clearance to interact with other Aesir in order to include Their stories.

– I still can’t interact with rune spirits, which rules out divination with the Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, and Anglo-Saxon runes (among other sets talked about in Heathen circles). In certain cases where other Norse Deities want me to use a bindrune, I may do so, but that’s it. I’ve recently received a reminder of sorts that I need to make sure that tattoo artists don’t incorporate runes or any of Odin’s symbology in tattoo designs that I’m just in the planning stages for. On one hand, I already assumed that much, but Someone apparently wanted to make sure because I do have plans for tattoos in places where I won’t be able to see what’s being tattooed there.

I’ve only found about there being a new Face very recently (after Beth posted 30 Days of Odin: Day 7, which covers epithets, by-names, etc.), so I actually haven’t interacted with Him yet. This new Face is Karl, “Old Man”. I only have some vague impressions right now, but the main one is that He has a grandfather vibe and reminds me of Gandalf setting off fireworks for the hobbit children. This Face seems to have this feeling of “I can be nice and dote on my grandkids, too”. He’s seems older than Lore events, and a fair few of the events He’s associated with are the domain (for lack of a better word) of other Faces – a different Face transformed Vali and led to Narvi’s death (in my upg), a different Face is the active Leader of the Hunt Who rides out, along those lines.


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