[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I probably just introduced myself to Him in the beginning because I was being polite, or something. I really don’t have an overwhelming clear memory of why I decided to interact with Him. In the past, I’ve described Him with:

It’s a bit hard to describe, but He’s kind of like a stranger who is borderline acquaintance. I do my thing during the week, and He does His, but I have this feeling that in a hypothetical bar where a Deity and human could interact He’d be okay with drinking something in a comfortable silence on a Friday night. If that makes sense.

I still feel like this holds true, actually. I’ve been hailing Him whenever it rains, thunders, storms, etc. in whatever capacity from the beginning, though I do believe I initially started out with a simple nod of acknowledgement on Thursdays as well. While I’m hoping to just talk about holy days in one future post, I do a 12 days of Yule thing starting on the winter solstice; Thor has asked to be hailed on the 3rd day of Yule.

He has accepted my practicum hours as an offering in the past, and this post explains what I mean by “practicum hours” for those who haven’t run into this before. I basically put in hours working in a theatrical crew shop, which does count as a class and result in a grade, each semester as part of my major. From a post talking about an update in what He asked me to do:

Strength training is going to be added to what I do for Him. First, I need to tackle yoga as Sunna has asked for (because this will provide warm-up and stretching exercises for other stuff). A certain amount of weight training will be included, but it will focus more on what I can safely do with what I have at home rather than needing to go to a gym. (Or this may be what happens in practicum while I’m on campus.)

Weight loss and how I look are not important and/or relevant. My goal is to be able to meet the strength requirements that I will run into during a typical day without excess struggle and/or causing injury. It’s about practicality, not “exercise”. (He’s aware of the fact that I thought gym class was hell and I have no desire to try to kill my body through exercise, by the way.

He’ll also accept other activity that helps to build endurance, like walking, taking certain sets of stairs (like all the ones in my dorm because there’s apparently no elevator in it), and occasionally walking up Jeff or Morton Hill (I’m quite certain He would prefer Jeff).

Also from that post, a picture of Jeff Hill (original source):

A picture from the top of Jeff Hill in the winter. (And people try to say Ohio doesn’t get snow.)

I lived in the dorm at the bottom of the hill (Jeff Hall, Jeff Hill, who’d have thought there was a connection, right?) this past year, and I’ll be returning to it this upcoming school year. I don’t have a physical shrine / altar for Him, but I do have two tumblr tags: Thor and lightning.


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