A Day in the Life–Anonymous College Student: Wiccan-flavored pagan, polytheist, and lay person

Granted this is now almost two years old and a bit outdated (I’ve shared previously that I no longer incorporate Wiccan elements into my practice), but I thought it’d still be helpful to see how low-key I’ve been with holy days.

Gods' Mouths 2.0

Even though it doesn’t sound like a very spectacular way to celebrate, I typically choose to approach meals and time spent with my family as more relaxing and enjoyable on this day. By approaching these activities with a certain attitude on my part, I can usually overcome whatever possible drama that may be floating around (because we’re certainly not immune to that) and actually feel a bit more relaxed and enjoyable during and afterwards. While some people may want to hold/attend a ritual on one of the sabbats, I’ve found that Lammas feels better without doing so.

I’m a solitary, so this would mean that I would have to try to carve out time to not be disturbed by my family. It’s the beginning of August, though, and I just don’t feel like doing that. I’m currently in college, but my practice sort of started (in a relaxed way) while…

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