[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I informally group together several Deities into “the Pack”, and there’s an unknown amount of overlap in tumblr tags (and potentially things I need to do). General tags: wolves, wolves: pics, werewolves, Wolf mode. For Fenrir specifically, I have a few tags: Fenrir, Hannibal, bb fenrir.

I share about tumblr tags because that’s often a primary means of giving ‘offerings’ (by sharing and reblogging in the tag), and it’s particularly so for the Pack. Outside of online stuff, I read a prayer for Fenrir on the second day of the Dark moon – Hymn to Fenrir by Elizabeth Vongvisith (from His northernpaganism.org shrine).

I don’t talk about it on tumblr, but I use “Fenrirsson” because I am one of His Midgard kids. He initially nudged me to kin stuff, and after a while when I was still a bit confused as to how I could possibly be wolfkin (because, regardless of how some stereotype otherkin / therians, the kintype that someone may be isn’t always their favorite animal), He finally revealed the Parental connection.

So, as part of honoring and interacting with Him, I’ve been working on taking care of the Wolf part of myself, but He always drops by to remind me about this since it changes with the seasons. Fenrir has also been key in working on Self-control and being very particular about blood offerings (I either donate pints through the Red Cross, or I don’t go near blood offerings). Eventually, I will donate some on His behalf, but I don’t currently need to rush on this.

Right before the devotional lockdown that I didn’t quite see coming this fall / winter, He wanted me to incorporate two prayers I wrote into my weekly schedule [every Saturday], but it obviously didn’t happen then. The monthly stuff is a bit more for His Hat, in a manner of speaking, while some of the other stuff is more for the Face I interact with.


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