Shrine pics for Frey

This is going to be a regular point of forgiving, but I only have my laptop’s webcam to take pictures with right now. So, these won’t be the absolute best in terms of quality, ‘k? Anyway, some stuff for Frey.

Pic 1 – the candle I used to put out for Lammas with a sunflower candle holder (solar thing for multiple instances).

Pic 2 – I moved the above to an empty shelf (hoping for better lighting), and I added in His prayer beads. Yes, those are macaroni noodles. In hindsight, I probably should’ve used a different type (straighter) and have it work as a spacer instead of a main point.

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 3, 4 – Avis (Harry Potter Universe pc magic related to boosting happiness). I was hoping to get a bit better version (in 3) from my other picture (4; it’s shared with the spell). The jug it’s tied around is one of those harvest guys.

This has been shared in this tumblr post along with touching on the other Deities Who share the shelf that this sits on (there’s been an update in this combined shrine since it was posted nearly a year ago).


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