[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I have a variety of daily prayers that are a mix of my own work and pieces from a devotional to Her. I also have a variety of weekly prayers that were read while holding the bowl that are a mix of my own work and pieces from a devotional. The first devotional activity I had to work on doing consistently was holding the bowl for Her, however I’ve been unable to do this with the various devotional lockdowns that have been in place for quite a while.

In exchange for Her assistance with helping me to have something like a “regular” sleep schedule, I used to write something for Her every day – 30 Days of Devotion prompts, prompts for Her blog, prompts for a different writing project, etc. The 30 Days of Devotion posts are just now being shared on my main tumblr blog, and I hope to transfer them over here at some point.

I mentioned in Mani’s post that it took me a while to figure out that He was expressing interest in certain topics because Sigyn had already done so (and I wasn’t ‘clicking’ with it possible for more than One to bring these topics up). I talk about how I stumbled into the Norse pantheon and Sigyn in Getting to this Path, but there was an understandable lag before She had to reveal Her cards (in a manner of speaking). I had to start to get to know Her and build up a foundation for our devotional relationship first.

There was all kinds of concern that I’d try to focus on Someone outside of the Norse pantheon when I first ran into Him, and running into Him upset the natural balance of focusing on Sigyn that I was already going with. Sigyn ended up having to divulge that I was Hers, in a Claiming sense. I pieced together the information I’ve shared about devotional power dynamics from stumbling along as Her sub. She specifically wants an Owner / slave power dynamic (or for some, Godslavery), to the best of my knowledge so far.

This is why I describe myself as a slave-in-training on Her sideblog shrine (that’s currently WIP while I fix tags and clean them out). Between the shadow work and devotional lockdowns, I’ve gotten the feeling that She only revealed this information in order to make sure I kept with focusing on Her and wasn’t truly ready to reveal it then. If She could’ve waited until I got sorted out with a certain amount of shadow work and such, I think She would’ve preferred to wait. (Speculation on my part. Obviously won’t know for sure since that’s not how things went down.)

Sigyn has been the pushiest in terms of incorporating the Vanic holy days into my yearly calendar, and I hail Her on them along with various Others. I also hail Her on the full moon of July (Loki’s Capture), and that’s currently it (I used to have several other dates, but they’ve been weeded out in this summer’s [first?] devotional update).

For those who don’t want to stop by Her sideblog, I have several tags on my main tumblr: Sigyn, Sigyn as a rebellious Teen, Strength of the Mountain, Loki & Sigyn. Instead of Sigyn as a Child, see: snails, butterflies. Also: keys, tea.


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