By and large, what I put in my intro post still stands. I primarily honor my dead (bio and trans) and try to not be a dick to others as what I do for Hela. However, there have been updates and changes, particularly after this past winter when I “walked the Hel-road” as I described in the update for Baldur (I thought I’d have a post on the seasonal depression up already, but my Deities wanted the intros and updates first; I find the idea of walking the Hel-road to be a workable metaphor for just how serious things got).

I mean there’s nothing quite like Hela sending Mordgud and then dropping by Herself to get the message across that no, things are not okay, and you need to pay attention to how bad things have gotten. While I previously didn’t really apply the label ‘devotional relationship’ to how I interacted with Hela, I’ve wound up with a minor devotional relationship due to needing to make sure I don’t walk the Hel-road again. I’m not sure how else to describe it than coming back with the smell of Helheim, but walking the Hel-road once makes it easier to walk it again.

I have correspondences for Hela in terms of the Dark moon and Full moon because a devotional activity is reblogging and posting in alignment with those correspondences on those lunar phases. I must admit that I’m not sure how it helps to keep the boundary between Midgard and Helheim clear, but that’s the answer I’ve gotten from Hela [divination can wind with confusing answers sometimes] as to why I need to do this.

In addition to this, She was the One to bring up the idea of wearing something to help keep me in my Realm. I have my eye on a Raido pendant, which Hela and Mordgud have approved of, because this rune has been used to protect travel between the Worlds. Hela was also the One to suggest wearing a Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) and consciously accepting being under His Protection. Some spend a great deal of time blurring the boundaries between the Worlds, but my goal is to keep the boundary clear and keeping me firmly in this World.


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