*stares at Loki’s shrine in silence*

I wasn’t expecting much of an update for Loki, honestly. A combination of factors have lead a fair amount of Deities I interact with to “go on Vacation” until I’m done with my last year of undergrad (the school year is always busy, but it being my last year will make it even busier than usual), and Loki was the first to share that He was doing this.

On the heels of Odin turning a new Face to me, and in remembering the ritual idea to invite Deities, Spirits, Powers, etc to show a new side / aspect / Face mentioned here, I’m a bit suspicious of Loki gearing up to turn a new Face to me. I’ve interacted with Him briefly with ties to Mardi Gras (rather than April Fool’s), as One of several Powers connected to lightning (and sparks / electricity), with foxy connections, and I’ve interacted with Him in terms of certain acting exercises (it may be surprising for some, but I have had theatrical connections with Loki).

I’ve never been one to seek out Loki as World-Breaker, and I’m reasonably sure part of it has been a sorta-response to some praising the World-Breaker Face Loki turns to them as one of their ‘cruel gods’. The Faces that the Gods turn to us are primarily between us and Them, so on one hand I don’t care. On another hand, I don’t necessarily want a cruel god (or a cruel Face rather). I can be chewed up and spit out by non-cruel Faces, I can submit to and serve non-cruel Faces, I can find blood, tears, and pain without seeking out a cruel Face, and I can seek out cruelty easily enough in my Realm without purposefully seeking it out in my Deities.

I’m not saying they can’t or shouldn’t praise the Faces they interact with, and there isn’t anything inherently “wrong” with cruel Faces of Deities. It’s just never been my cup of tea, y’know? However, sometimes Deities turn a Face to you that you’re not expecting. Right now, I’m pretty sure it’s just a case of Someone liking a pop culture face, but I found myself putting a few Harley Quinn posts in Loki’s tag recently with the distinct suspicion of this being a World-Breaker Face.

*laughs into the void* So, apparently I’m not wrong. Loki is turning a Harley Quinn-esque World-Breaker Face to me at the moment.


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