As a Deity associated with storms, rain, and thunder, He still appreciates being hailed during those weather events. In a manner similar to how Frey helps the sunlight (indiscriminately shown upon everyone) to reach plants (described here), I think Thor can do something similar with the rain. While it was already in my face, I didn’t make the connection that Thor may have once been Vanic, or at least can be Vanic-compatible, until I read Visions of Vanaheim. The chapter “Thoughts on the Thunderer” (pg 176 – 179) covers how there’s a Vanic connection with Thor, and I can’t deny that it makes sense as to why He’s been the main One of the Aesir to want to stick around as I’ve been pushed more towards definitively named Vanir. There is more to Thor than just the stormy connection, and I’ve wound up being reminded of His protective Hat.

As the Protector of Midgard, I’ve ended up picking up an association that He can help to keep us here, particularly if it’s tied into personal protection. Except for a few dreams that may have featured some part of me being Elsewhere, I’m discouraged from traveling to other Realms / Worlds by the sheer inability for my hardwiring to accommodate travel. However, I’ve found that particularly in certain religious contexts describing how serious (life-threateningly serious) this past winter was in terms of my seasonal depression with ‘I walked the Hel-road’ isn’t an inappropriate metaphor. Even though it wasn’t traveling in a manner that most people mean when they talk about journeying, I have found myself needing to make sure that I stay in Midgard with some help from Thor’s Protective Hat.

(I intend to try to cover the seasonal depression in a separate post, but please, don’t assume that I’m not taking “real world” actions with this. This is something that affects me and my ability to interact with my Deities, so including a religiously significant means of coping in my overall management plan is appropriate for me.) I haven’t acquired the specific one I’ve had my eye on, and have so far received affirmative divination responses on from Thor, but I do plan on acquiring a Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). It will be a wearable means of protection, and I have personally significant dates relating to renewing the protection associated with it.


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