Narvi (Older Face)

I primarily talked about what I do for Narvi’s Younger Face in my intro post because it seems to make more sense with the least amount of explaining. I mean, just how complicated can reading a story and ‘tucking’ Him and Vali in for the night (metaphorically speaking) be? The ages of how old Narvi and Vali seem to be with Their Younger  Faces shift, but They’re typically pre-pubescent.

Narvi’s Older Face has always been a little confusing. Because He suddenly uses visual avatars that are my age (20s), and He has this thing for strawberries (wanting an edible offering including them or a post of a recipe shared on a monthly basis), and He’s had this oddly flirtatious vibe about Him. It’s not sexual, and it’s not 110% for sure flirting, and there’s just this suspicious part of me squinting like ‘you’re definitely related to Loki’.

At least that’s how I’ve so far interacted with Narvi’s Older Face, but there’s a reason I do yearly updates on what I do and how I interact with Everyone (it keeps changing). So far, the main shift is that the Older Face has less of a QP vibe [queerplatonic (or quasi- if you’re not comfortable using queer] and seems more aro [glossary link for aro and arospec terms].

*actively ignores some of the glossary because I’m not interested in why some of those seem to make a helluva lot of sense* Other than the aro vibe, the only other change is that the strawberry offering once a month is being tweaked to only occurring from July to November (when the Older Face is the main One; from His death until His cycle Restart on Dec 1st).


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