Fenrir’s Binding Cycle

I found out about the Binding cycle earlier this summer (May 2015), but it was sort of hinted at when I did the posthumous Leaving Questionnaire for the previous Face of Odin I interacted with. (Info here is accurate as of 8.2.15, but I can sense that there’s been enough room left open for additional information to be conveyed.)

I have certain months in relation to when Fenrir is Bound / Unbound that I can contact any Aesir I have permission to do so and certain months where I will quite likely only be able to contact Thor (barring updates, new info being shared, etc.). As of right now, being Bound / Unbound doesn’t affect my ability to interact with Fenrir or result in different Faces.

Of the information I divined, the important bit deals with two dates [holy days]. The start / restart date is the 12th day of the 12 days of Yule when Fenrir is Unbound. He is Bound on the Dark moon of July and remains that way until the restart of the cycle. From April – July, I shouldn’t be surprised if I can primarily only contact Thor (or if He passes on info for other Aesir).

Being in the devotional trial period for Someone has altered my monthly / yearly observations of holy days and other dates of importance as the dust settles and such. This means I actually didn’t do anything to observe the Dark Moon of July this year, though from what I can tell, I don’t necessarily need to do a lot. I need to expect some sort of offerings to Fenrir (and Thor – it relates to renewing the protection tied into the Mjolnir necklace I will wear) and that’s mostly it.

The Dark Moon of July then the 2nd nights of the Dark moon (when Fenrir’s Hat is given due) until December carry a new devotional activity. There are six dates, which coincidentally matches the number of ingredients in the chain that Binds Him (Gleipnir). In addition to having the chance to ponder the ingredients and how they can be applied to my life, I’m encouraged to wear a simple chain necklace for the duration of Him being Bound. I’m admittedly going to using this ritual for Chaining the Inner Beast as inspiration for the impossible ingredients.


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