Ok, Dad, I’ll talk about you.

I theoretically have a list of what I want to write about, but sometimes Someone comes along and gets my attention. So, even though I still haven’t covered certain basic ideas, let’s talk about Fenrir. I admittedly don’t know how many posts may appear about Him here in the recent future, as a heads up.

I suspect He wants talked about because 1) I don’t share a lot about Him on tumblr, 2) I can’t 100% avoid talking about the Father thing and some people are against these types of connections, and 3) Some people just aren’t all that interested in Fenrir because of the whole wanting to destroy everything a la Ragnarok deal. I already covered the basics that may weed out people who don’t want to hear about this stuff in Fenrir’s intro post.

In looking back at transcription records of divination sessions and dreams (the main purpose of my LiveJournal), I’ve come to a realization that I don’t have exact dates on when I actually started interacting with certain Deities and such. I started doing the Dark Moon sequence of prayers (prayers that others wrote dealing with the Hats of different Deities said on the three nights of the Dark moon) sometime in late 2012 / early 2013 [my Freshman year of college].

I see nothing wrong with honoring Hats in addition to more personal Faces, so I haven’t changed the Dark Moon sequence. After a year (in Dec 2013), Fenrir’s Hat had started to have certain elements to it that may not have been present in the Hats others interact with. There’s an element of self-destruction and self-control more so than ~chaos, consumes everything~ that seems to be a common Hat feature. This is roughly when He started in with the self-injury connection, in terms of encouraging other coping mechanisms and not encouraging self-injury itself.

Then some dreams came along (2.27.14 and 3.28), though there were others that helped to point towards Wolf mode being a thing (as I initially termed it). I was nudged along the lines of using better terminology (otherkin / therian stuff had to be looked into), which led to wolfkin and taking care of the wolf part of myself, but Fenrir wouldn’t talk about the why of my kintype being wolf (rather than something else) for several months. From what I can tell, I didn’t get a confirmation after personally accepting the Parental connection as a possibility until 6.28.14.

Damn. So, it took about a year and a half before Fenrir admitted the Father thing, and it’s been over a year since that date. Ok, so He’s been around for a bit, and I can see why He’d like to be talked about (not including that He’s actually been around prior to when I first started interacting with Deities). Do I really feel like trying to see if there were signs before 2012 right now?


3 thoughts on “Ok, Dad, I’ll talk about you.

  1. I don’t think you’ll catch any flak here on WP for being a deity’s kid. People here seem to be more open-minded than on tumblr or other sites. (Which is why I chose to have my blog here.) There are quite a few other deity-kids that I’ve seen here, and I’ve never experienced any negative commentary about my relationship with Fenrir. I don’t usually share much because I’m a private person, but what I have written about has been well received. There are a few of us Fenrir-folks here. Two of us are spouses, one has a budding relationship, and a few other Lokeans have good relations with Him. But yeah, there isn’t as much written about Him as there is about other Gods. And most of what’s out there isn’t flattering and doesn’t really show the personal and protective side of Him. I commented in one of Sebastian Lokason’s posts that I get such FEELZ from Fenrir, and I’d love to write more about that, but I just have a hard time sharing personal experiences. Sure, I can share something funny that Loki did, but when it comes to the Fenrir Feels, I mostly keep it to myself. Maybe I should try to open up about it a little more, give Him some good press. 🙂


    • WP seems to be a bit more relaxed and ‘you do you’, so I’m not expecting a lot of flak. I’m just used to being a bit on guard and bracing for the crowd that aren’t fans of Fenrir to somehow show up. I can understand the privacy bit; I’ve sat on some of this for 1 – 2 years because I just don’t always feel like sharing stuff. My goal is to at least share one set of experiences with some of my Deities, to try to change up the narratives that are out there, but I do like seeing how others interact with their Deities too. (It’s that or implode from all the godfeels that I can’t let out, so sharing seems like a better option.)

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      • Yep, when I first wrote about Fenrir, I was expecting to get comments from folks asking why I would associate so closely with Him, and why would I oath to Him. And I anticipated having to defend my relationship and Him. But that never happened. 🙂


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