Words can destroy as much as weapons can

Dredging up a NaPoWriMo poem from when I attempted this in 2013. Written: 4.20.13

Title: Love the Unlovable

Split into three parts, one for each child of Loki and Angrboda. This is specifically part two titled Fenrir. Link to my deviantART source, and the link to where I shared this on my tumblr.

the little voice

that whispers

words I know will hurt

will scar, will break you

I know – and it does too –

what buttons will destroy you

if pushed, even and especially

gently, lovingly pushed

I can hurt you

and I can enjoy doing so

the little voice knows

and it whispers


A/N: There’s kind of this idea that most people want to label themselves a Predator, associating with predatory animals such as wolves, even though they’re actually Prey. A part of me keeps saying that I’m probably Prey, but I felt like I needed to try to see if any part of me could, even in a diluted way, connect to Fenrir. I don’t feel like I can claim allegiance with this musing poem, but I think it can help me to see that Fenrir isn’t evil or bad and is embodying something that is natural, in nature and human nature.

The commentary isn’t exactly wrong, taking into account when I wrote this (and what I didn’t know then). I still don’t hold that I’m a complete Predator. I didn’t incarnate as a wolf, and humans can be prey, so I consider myself a mixture of Predator and Prey. (I admittedly had forgotten about this idea of even identifying as either until I found the author’s notes again, so this isn’t, like, a huge part of how I identify.)

Which is why this is also in my tumblr tag for Him

Capture 7


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