Gleipnir’s Ingredients

Due to circumstances that were a bit out of left field for me, I didn’t observe the date marking Fenrir’s Binding in my mythological cycle, and I didn’t get the chance to try to muse on the first ingredient of Gleipnir. (The length of time in which Fenrir is Bound provides just enough days to look at each of the six ingredients once a month.)

So, here’s a slightly late look at the first one. I’m admittedly going with the order presented in this ritual (and taking inspiration from their interpretation of the ingredients) – Chaining the Inner Beast. First ingredient listed: Roots of the mountain.

The first thing on our list is the roots of mountains. In the depths of mountains, there are caves and tunnels and dark places. There is also bedrock, that which supports the rest of our lives. There is also the upheaval of early times, shaping those mountains from underneath.

So, one way to interpret the roots of a mountain is to look at foundations. I’ve always listed m’Lady Sigyn as my foundation, but I’m pretty sure Fenrir’s sudden interest in getting talked about here has to do with realizing that I also have Him in my foundation. I just didn’t find out about Him until a fair bit after finding out about Sigyn’s involvement.

What does it mean to say that Fenrir is part of my foundation? He’s been around a lot longer than Others I interact with; Fenrir and Sigyn (and perhaps a small amount of Others?) have most likely checked in on me and kept tabs for most (if not all) of my life. I suspect He may have “picked up the phone” for stuff directed at ‘Father’, even though the monotheist faith of my childhood didn’t intend for Him to be the recipient.

There are certain things I have to be on guard for and to take His advice above the directions of others. I theoretically wanted to talk about my stance on offerings before jumping into sharing stuff for Everyone, but I’ve already touched on that getting sidetracked a bit. Risks and considerations from biological and spirit / soul level DNA (not to mention how I’ve wound up learning how to ‘deal’ with emotions) affects how I interact with and give offerings to Everyone.

I covered this in a not half bad poem in a Poetry Workshop once, but the basic premise is that I have an increased chance of addiction. Bio DNA primarily points towards alcohol and cigarettes (with a few people on farther branches getting into drugs), but there’s a beyond-bio component where I need to make sure that I’m not courting addiction too much and purposefully using not-so-desirable coping mechanisms to avoid / vent emotions. I’m not saying I’m 100% going to wind up an addict, but I can’t ignore that it’s a bit easier for me to end up on that path.


One thought on “Gleipnir’s Ingredients

  1. I kind of am prone to it. I can enjoy occasionally, but I don’t make drinking a regular habit. For that reason. Just keep tabs on it and you should be okay. 🙂


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