Visual avatars and faces of Fenrir (part i, not-Hannibal)

Fenrir is One of Many Who don’t have an official Face Claim, which leaves it open for different faces and avatars to have Them in them.

There are so many black wolves in my tumblr tag for Him [here] that I don’t think it’d be worth trying to pick something as an example. As far as human faces and avatars go, there’s the possibility that someone with long black (sometimes dark brown) hair could show up (or in the cases of some faces, short hair). Sometimes there’s a more definite biker / goth / punk / rebel thing that happens so leather jackets, motorcycles, and weird hair / piercings are possible. Black t-shirts and black jeans.

I forgot about a photoset until I went back through His tag, so I’m splitting the sharing of pics up into not-Hannibal (this one) and Hannibal ones.


I don’t know who he is. I think he’s from Game of Thrones? *outs self as not having gotten into this fandom yet*

(Source) Another person I can’t identify.

There’s a few Sebastian Stan pictures, and then there’s this person whose beautiful face is somehow still legal. Erika Linder in a Romeo photoset [here].


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