Visual avatars and faces when it comes to the Unseen

Sometimes Deities officially Face Claim an image / someone and then only use that image. Sometimes They have faces that They frequently return to without Face Claiming. These avatars / faces aren’t the be all end all of interacting with Someone, so I usually don’t mention them. There are some occasions when talking about them explains other associations, and sometimes it’s interesting to track how there are similarities (or not) in faces They use over time.

So, I do have some posts scheduled that cover visual avatars / faces, but please remember that I’m not an official spokesperson for Anyone. I don’t See non-corporeal visitors, the avatars used in dreams have a built in fail safe so I can’t remember details, and some of these images are tolerated more so than Claimed by the Deity in question. It’s more that glimpses of the Unseen come through in the random interactions with others (or in stories), and I have these associations (that really only apply to my interactions).

It’s okay if you don’t have visual avatars for Whoever you interact with. It’s okay if you have completely different ones, even if we interact with the same People.


2 thoughts on “Visual avatars and faces when it comes to the Unseen

  1. The way I look at it is that it’s like a user interface. They have images and avatars that They choose for us based on what They like, and sometimes based on what we like, too. Loki mostly shows me long, red, curly hair. But sometimes, He trolls me as the Marvel guy. These are images we both seem to enjoy, so why not? I kind of think of it as Him projecting an image to me, similar to how a computer monitor displays an image. But in my mind, not on a screen. I could be completely wrong, too. But that’s how my brain tries to make sense of it. đŸ˜‰


    • That makes sense. In my mind, that’s what pretty close to what a visual avatar functions as. Watching new devotees talk themselves in circles about what Deities look / don’t look when they’re starting out on tumblr just made me want to put out a general disclaimer on the topic.

      Half the time Someone just trolls me with a certain image on my dash [Loki as World-Breaker using Harley Quinn], half the time I see a picture and go ‘this reminds me of You so I’m tagging it as You’.

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