The second plamen I’ve knowingly interacted with is Pijača. She’s been in and out for a while, but I just recently connected a name with Her. It took going back over that addiction inheritance poem for me to realize Who She was, and this is the continuation of what the commentary on the poem sparked.

I’ve heard of people talking about needing to have some sort of acknowledgement and/or relationship with the spirit of certain plants before they could be ingested for trancing / journeying / devotionally for Someone else / what have you. I think I read a post once where someone mentioned running into spirits related to gambling when they went to a casino once. It just didn’t cross my mind until now that there could very likely also be spirits overseeing alcohol.

I feel like Someone just tossed a truthbomb at me, or something. I knew I needed to stick to limits and boundaries to be safe and not push my luck at developing an addiction, but it never crossed my mind that Someone would want to make sure I stick to these limits to make sure I respect Their substance.

The ‘not getting an indication that I should 100% avoid alcohol’ still holds true for now. I think there have been subtle and not-so-subtle attempts at making sure I respect alcohol, so I don’t wind up with an insulted Spirit. I’m not really head-over-heels for the taste of alcohol (honest evaluation of my current taste testing), but I do know that there are Deities, Powers, etc. Who want alcoholic offerings at some point. Because of this, I have a feeling that any drinking I do will be devotional / offerings.

Before I can approach alcoholic offerings, I need to make sure this Spirit is okay. Like the above mentioned stance that some need to interact with the spirit of the substance before they can do anything with it. I mentioned in the commentary of the poem that this Spirit seems to present femininely, and I currently have Their approval to use she/her pronouns to refer to the spirit in question. I admittedly don’t know if She’s specific to a certain pantheon, but when trying to figure out what to call Her, I ended up with pijača (pee-ah-chah).

Current plan of how to make sure Pijača doesn’t get offended or upset:

~ Whatever boundaries and limits I need to set for myself, I should at the very least be able to stick to them. If I know I’m trying to avoid and/or numb emotions, no drinking. If I’m in a questionable area where my brainweasels are going to come out and play, I should opt out. Even if it doesn’t make sense to others, I need to have ground rules.

~ Legally appropriate acquisition and ownership is preferred. This doesn’t mean I have to be personally carded every time, but I need to work with my country’s laws rather than against them. The extra planning and steps involved show a measure of respect towards the alcohol (*).

~ Limiting myself to devotional drinking and/or alcoholic offerings will work with rather than against Her (and other Deities, Spirits, Powers, etc.). Alcohol is an optional beverage in that I don’t need it to survive, so They’re not really going to ask for it all the time (especially when starting out, it’s going to be for holy days / special occasions).

~ As part of the above, I may find myself interacting with certain types of alcohol over others. It may just be a family, or it may wind up being a very specific brand. I’m not catching Pokemon; it’s okay if I don’t try every alcohol out there.

These primarily sum up to: work with the Divinities involved rather than against Them. It keeps things running smoothly. Pijača is One of the družina od ogenj (Family of Fire aka Fire Tribe of the Jotuns), hence the Slovenian. She was assigned to interact with me based on Her inclinations from what I can divine. Some spirits involved with alcohol are only involved in the production, some don’t care about what humans do (or whether they wind up addicted), and some are more prone to encourage addiction.

Pijača is more about protocol and respect. She used a mother indicator, and there’s this feeling that She views the different spirits attached to the types of alcohol as Her children. I don’t think She’s necessarily high end or like a wine snob trying to convert others into being wine snobs, but She’s a proponent of not pushing alcohol on those who don’t want to or can’t drink. She has a bit of a host/ess feel, and I think there are some event holding do not dos for Her as well.

To avoid upsetting Pijača (tied into hospitality):

  • Don’t lie, misinform, or omit info about drinks containing alcohol when providing it to others.
  • Don’t provide alcohol as the only beverage choice.
  • Overall, breaking laws of your land is discouraged because the brunt of the fallout typically falls on the server / host. (Sometimes responsibility takes priority over popularity.)
    • As a U.S.A. person, this includes not acquiring alcohol to be shared with others illegally, not serving those under 21, and potentially other state laws if I were interested in homebrewing.
    • In the case that laws are broken, the host should try to make sure that the person / people involved are okay and have a game plan for dealing with it.
  • Don’t encourage alcohol poisoning.
  • Take into account whether someone needs to drive home and how they can get home without driving when drunk.
  • Don’t be pushy and pressure someone into drinking or coerce them into drinking more if they’ve reached their limit. Respect other people’s boundaries.

This last one seems to more fall under a pet peeve of Her’s rather than a rule that would merit offense – If holding an event on a level above a frat party, try to have something other than a red Solo cup for guests to drink out of. You don’t need crystal goblets and fancy stemware, but there’s something about Solo cups that She seems particular about (there’s a time and a place for them, but that doesn’t mean use them all the time).


(*) In terms of spirit benefits, that is. There’s a clear obvious benefit for me to follow the law, but sometimes people find it helpful / interesting to find out that spirits can have reasons for us to follow our laws other than the fact that it’s a law.


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