The first plamen [Fire Jotun] to drop by was Požar, and He had a cleansing tip for lack of better phrasing. I needed to do a specific fire based sigil to help with cleansing excess munrthoka (self-made term to use instead of ‘miasma’ outside of Hellenic context). That’s the extent of our interaction, and He left once I did the cleansing.

I have a typical format for doing sigils (Gallifreyan and Tolkien Elvish with colors chosen for a reason), but He basically wanted to share a different format. I wrote out His name in a rough sun sketch and wrote what I wanted to cleanse from me next to that. I then only colored over what I wanted to cleanse – yellow, orange, red, and then some black.

While I did use a personal code, it didn’t involve Gallifreyan or Tolkien Elvish at all. The process is faster than what I usually do, so I can use this format again if I need a quick means of cleansing. A tradeoff though is that, at least for me, this method works best for deep seated issues that need cleansed out of my system.


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