The first Berg to drop by was Kiesel (indicated es / sein instead of he / she / they as pronouns). Kiesel specifically dropped by to share a means of warding using hill / baby mountain energy and that’s the extent of our interaction.

I don’t know exactly how far away from a hill you can access hill energy, but I do know that you don’t have to be warding a space that’s literally directly on the hill. I live in a hilly region (foothills of the Appalachian Mountains), so there’s enough focusing of the hill energy into this area for me to opt to use this method for my family’s house (even though we’ve moved out of a house directly on a hill). I specifically got the idea to use this method for my dorm (at the bottom of a hill, and the residence hall actually shares the name of said hill).

On a piece of paper or in an appropriate art making program, draw your place on whatever surface it’s on (on / near a hill or on a flat surface with hills drawn underneath to represent hill energy in the land). Draw up from the ground and over your place (making a hill). That’s the basic premise, though you can add in other elements and layers. You can come up with a way to charge this, but I suggest saving the paper / file for as long as you want to ward the space regardless of what charging methods you do / do not use.

If you have different areas of the building that you want to add layers of protection to, you can layer in more hills. A small hill that only encompasses the door / entrance. A hill that covers the ground / first floor of the building. May be a specific hill coming off another one just for your room. It depends on how complex you want this to get. My goal with this thinking is to have the place blend in with the rest of the land, basically; pulling the hill energy up and over as a screen.


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