“Snowflakes twirl and fall down” – Снежинки кружатся и падают

The first снежинка (literally Snowflake; a Snow Jotun) to drop by was “Snowflakes twirl and fall down” – Снежинки кружатся и падают. She would like me to share basic info about Her. I admittedly tend to just use Снежинки (Snowflakes) as a nickname / easier to use name than the full phrase She indicated as Her name.

Associated with snowfall that isn’t thick, heavy, or fast (more light, powdery, playful while falling). She likes dancing and has a particular fondness for ballet. She likes Classical music, particularly the work of Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Because of this, listening to music She likes and dancing (even if it’s not ballet) can be activities done for Her.

Preferred food: blini – with fruit preserves as a topping. Preferred drink: water. It will depend on who approaches Her as to how She wants offerings set out and/or disposed of. She hasn’t been drawn to edible offerings as much with me, so I haven’t needed to worry about disposal or presentation.

Other activities: going to a ballet performance, a well intended attempt at making blini, trying to find little appreciative moments of the beauty of snowfall (preferably when Her type is falling). She feels young and adventurous, so it’s possible for trying something new to be an activity for Her as well.


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