Cеребро (silver; Siri-bro) is a снежинка (literally Snowflake; a Snow Jotun) Who indicated preference for she / her pronouns. Associated with the snow that glistens in the sunlight like it’s made of diamonds. Most people are accustomed to seeing this snow only on the ground, so She isn’t as playfully active as some in the Family are. She seems to like Igor Stravinsky’s music, so listening to it can be an activity for Her.

Preferred edible offerings: Ryazhenka (milk / yogurt related beverage) and borsch (soup most often including beets). It will depend on who approaches Her as to how She wants offerings set out and/or disposed of. She hasn’t been drawn to edible offerings as much with me, so I haven’t needed to worry about disposal or presentation.

She has a particular connection to Orenburg shawls and the means of knitting those. Because this is very specific to the region of Orenburg, it isn’t a requirement to try to learn how to make one of these in order to interact with Her. Buying one (in a traditional color – white or gray) and supporting those who make these shawls may be an alternative, and She does seem to appreciate knitting in general (so making something else or using a different style seems to be okay). Depending on what you know about other fiber crafts, they may also count (probably safe to check with Her before dedicating the action).


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