Bergstadt (Moria)

A Berg Who has indicated she / her pronouns with the name Bergstadt (mountain city, see here and here for pronunciation help) has dropped by. In a manner of speaking, Bergstadt seems to be a family within the Family of Mountains with Someone taking a liking to a particular town. This particular Berg seems to be fond of Moria.

The warding method from Her falls under pop culture paganism, in that it incorporates the Western Gate of Moria. The premise is relatively simple. List Who may enter your space and draw a boundary that connects to a door. You don’t need to replicate the Western Gate of Moria with 100% accuracy, but you should try to get close to that image. Outside of the boundary (whether on that side of the page or on the back), list those Who cannot enter your space.

If you feel so inclined, you can add individual touches and other components to this. At the end, label the list of Who can enter ‘friend’ (speak ‘friend’ and enter). Since I’m prone to listening to music, I’d already be inclined to listening to something while doing this, but Bergstadt has a particular music selection in mind for the creation (and any renewing) of this. She seems to like the Gimlie album by Corvus Corax [youtube link], though other albums and songs from them may work if you ask first.


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