*college prep intensifies*

In between getting ready for my fall semester of classes and packing (and procrastinating these), I’ve been getting some information from Someone (or probably more than One). In a general sense, it has to do with Jotuns, and I’ve been debating just how much could be relevant to other people. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually be sharing most of it, at some point.

Looking at what I’ve written so far and knowing what’s dancing on the peripheral, I had a moment of panic that I might be getting some sort of rough draft for a book. If my divination tools could smirk, it was probably doing so. It was basically an unfounded worry because They have different book plans for the future. I can’t guarantee that everything will be shared ASAP, but it’s going to be appearing here; tagged – writing project: Welcome Home. There may or may not be a section of my navigation menus with this, but that’s a bridge for another day.

Also, before I forget. I’ve mentioned it in passing that I’m a college student, but it’s really more important to bring up right now because I’m heading back to campus (and starting classes) soon. Like I need to finish packing by tomorrow night and move in on this Saturday because classes start Monday, soon. So, I will try to check back on this blog and schedule / post something at least once a week, but things may be quiet.


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