Unpopular opinion: Shame, silence and godspousery

I can understand not wanting to talk about this. There have been moments on tumblr where I’ve been glad I tend to keep with people who aren’t going to jump down your throat about this issue.

I’ve sort of mentioned when introducing the Deities, Powers, Spirits, etc. I interact with that marriage has been hinted at. Right now, it’s currently more important to get a handle on the devotional D/s (since it’s taken some time in getting used to rules and such).

Master post is here, for the new followers. I tried to not get too specific to what I’ve gone through, but it’s obviously still there. m’Lady Sigyn is my Owner (I’m a slave-in-training) and Primary. Mani is my Secondary, and He’s my Little (I’m the Caregiver *not* the Little in the Caregiver / Little dynamic).

Because I split up what I wrote on the topic of devotional D/s into (currently) eight parts, it’d be easier to go the Master post for a summary of what each part talks about.


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