Ah, the first all-nighter of the fall semester.

While I didn’t do anything overtly tied to the Fire Howling, I’ve chipped away and/or finished work that I’ve been letting sit while pulling an all-nighter. The Master Electrician in me says that I should’ve had my ME Binder ready by the first day of school, but the very much not perfect human in me says that shit happens. I’ve made progress, at least.

A little peak into today:

  • Class (8:50 – 10:40)
  • Elbows Production meeting (11:50 – 12:45) (?)
  • Class (12:55 – 2:45)
  • Shop hours (second shift; 3 – 5)
  • First day of 1392 Practicum students in that time slot, as well.
  • First Much Ado Production meeting (5 – 6)
  • Elbows Design presentation in Rehearsal (starts at 7) (?)
  • First SOUP meeting (7 – 8 ish)

(?) Indicates that I have no idea if I need to be there or not, since I’m no longer the ALD / ME [just the ME now]. May be I need to be there, may be I don’t.

Also: There will be eating not listed here. The SOUP meetings usually run an hour, but have been known to run two hours (often the first one and when workshopping long pieces). THAR 1392 is a class that does intro to lighting, basically, and that level of practicum students come in and work in the shop M/W. I’ll basically have newbies to be in charge of (since the ME is the crew leader).

At some point in the Elbows production meeting I’m not sure if I need to be at and/or my second class, I will probably start to really feel this all-nighter. If I make it all the way through today (to about 8) without pulling out the toothpicks or nodding off, I’m probably just passing out as soon as humanly possible.

So – my wonderful Fire Howling post is happening now. Yay Jotun New Year. Let’s not make this all-nighter deal a habit this semester. I feel like I haven’t eaten in a long time, and my stomach 10/10 agrees on food before classes.

~ May you not howl alone this year ~


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