Gleipnir’s Ingredients (iii)

Order and taking inspiration from the ritual Chaining Fenris: A Ritual to Bind the Inner Beast, the third ingredient: Spittle of a bird.

The third thing on the list is the spittle of a bird. Regardless of what the myths say, birds have spittle … and so do you. This sacred energy of a bird’s mouth says that you should talk, should speak, should tell stories about your monster. Even if you cannot allow it to use your mouth, you can tell its tales, and show that it is appreciated.

Speaking directly about certain things defies socialization about what is ‘appropriate’, ‘reasonable’, and ‘expected’. However, I’ve mostly found that the written word and the mental safeguards that a reader can put up about ‘just how true or literal’ something should be works around this.

Poetry, fictional prose, plays – these are what I’ve typically turned to in order to explore certain areas and relieve the pressure from others. There are all kinds of means of expression, and this is where some people really turn to creative endeavors and/or the fine arts in order to have the work space they allow themselves to have in order to think these things over and let these thoughts out in some format.


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