Jotun Intro: Wolf Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns

This list will go in order of the Tribes listed previously to have some semblance of order, and not because it is giving priority to certain Jotuns over Others.


Angrboda is the leader of the Ironwood Clan (a representative of all the Clans, if the Ironwood Clan is broken down into further Clans) and the representative of the Wolf Tribe, particularly in holy rites calling on a Wolf. Prior to the Silent Winter, She primarily stuck to Clan and Tribe dealings rather than getting involved with affairs of the other Realms.

As the most fit to travel and the most diplomatically skilled at the time, She was the ambassador to Vanaheim in the process of healing the land after the Silent Winter. Angrboda stepped into the role of ambassador and diplomat for Vanaheim and Asgard and also became the ceremonial representative for Jotunheim in holy rites.

While not officially sworn in as the leader of Jotunheim, Angrboda is frequently seen as the face of leadership and the de facto leader. She coordinates all holy rites, acts as a skilled priest in the rites involved, and organizes all of the ambassadors, Dignitaries, and diplomats Who represent Jotunheim in various Realms.

Fenrir is a son of Angrboda and Loki and considered a high ranking Jotun within the Wolf Tribe. As a cub, He was taken to Asgard where the Aesir attempted to train Him to become one of the wolf-guards. His official wolf form was Bound to temper the Chaos and Destruction He is capable of, and He may be found in a cave in Niflheim in this way. However, more self-controlled forms (whether wolf or humanoid) can interact with Others. He often helps those on Midgard and fellow Wolf Jotuns (or Anyone else Who asks for His help) with banishings, cleansings, and the like (having particularly skilled magic in this area).

Hati is one of Fenrir’s sons. For attempting to stop His father’s Binding, He was captured by the Aesir and charged with making sure that Mani continues to guide the moon across the sky in a timely manner. After centuries of interacting with Mani’s Void-of-course Face (exhibiting at least one mental illness, though the combination differs depending on the person being shown this Face), Hati is particularly skilled with assisting those in recovery or trying to manage their mental illness(es).

Skoll is another of Fenrir’s sons. For aiding His brother in attempting to stop His father’s Binding, He was captured by the Aesir and charged with making sure that Sunna continues to guide the sun across the sky in a timely manner. Sunna is very work oriented and punctual, so Skoll often can multitask or handle matters elsewhere before returning to Her. He frequently carries messages for politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, and the like between Realms, and He often assists in keeping an eye on Someone for Wolf Tribe and looking for Vali.

Vali is a son of Loki and Sigyn. He was not born with the ability to shift into a wolf form, but after being magically transformed into a wolf by Odin, He has struggled with erratic and poor control over mentally shifting. When in a calm, fully present frame of mind, Vali can often be found with Fenrir, Angrboda, and the rest of the Wolf Tribe. When in a stressed, ‘shifted’ frame of mind, Vali often hides in the Ironwood until the episode passes. Though He is distantly related to Jotuns in the Tribe and not a Wolf-shifter Himself, Many in the Tribe treat Him like family.


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  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I had a dream about a Wolf tribe recently, and was looking for information on Vanaheim then I found this.


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