Jotun Intro: Serpent Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns (Cont’d)


Jormundgand is a child of Loki and Angrboda. Possibly intersex and/or trans, Jormundgand often mirrors the gender of whoever is contacting Zhim and may use he / she pronouns in addition to gender neutral options. Zhe was taken from Zher home by the Aesir while young and enchanted to encircle Midgard, which is where Zher giant Serpent form can be found. Part of Zhim is in the ocean of Jotunheim, but Zhe typically uses a humanoid form to communicate and interact with Others in Jotunheim, as Zher Serpent form cannot leave the water. Zhe is the leader of the Salt Bleached Bones Clan and a skilled ancestor worker for the intersex and trans dead.

Nidhogg is the offspring of a Dragon or Serpent affiliated and Snow affiliated couple from the time before Jotuns and Elves split. She gnaws at the rot on the root of Yggdrasil and keeps the World Tree clean, traveling back and forth between Niflheim and Helheim. Lessons on the benefits and necessity of carrion-eaters, waste-eaters, recyclers, and composters to keep that which is dead and rotting from building up and harming those who are still alive seem to be Her typical area of expertise. Along those lines, She may be able to assist with certain cleansings, banishings, or parts of shadow work in which you feed Her some rotten part / thing to reduce the likelihood of it growing back or spreading.


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