Jotun Intro: Ocean Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns (Cont’d)


Aegir, Ran, and Their nine daughters (Kolga, Duva, Blodughadda, Hronn, Hevring, Bylgja, Bara, Unn, and Himinglava) fall into this Tribe. The only information I know of Them is from a shrine someone else has put up [here] because of incompatibility. For those who would like more of an idea of what these Jotuns are like, I can also suggest the devotional Full Fathom Five.

Many years ago, on the first day of being in the deep end of the pool in swimming lessons, I almost drowned due to someone who was unaware of the depth jumping in, grabbing onto me, and dragging me under. I’ve never been comfortable in water that is deep enough that I can’t stand on the bottom / floor and been able to breathe with my head above the water since this happened.

These Jotuns appear to be intimately connected to the ocean that kills and drowns. They’re not offended by my fear of drowning, or somehow wish to change this fear. In a way, They see no need to interact with me because I’ve already learned that water has a dual nature and can kill. While some may view that offering up fear could be appropriate, I’ve no interest in doing so.

I’ve also never received an indication that They would want this to happen either. Pushing buttons just to get locked into a fear and panic thought loop is time and energy better spent on other activities. Having Someone – especially a Divine Someone – ask for this could lead to hating the object of fear, and They don’t want me to hate the ocean.

I’ve been nudged in the direction of Njord Who is associated with the calmer, less deadly side of the ocean because I need to be able to approach the ocean without hate. Being able to care for and about the ocean, and even hold an amount of love and respect for it, while balancing out the fear and knowing that the ocean could kill me is far more appropriate for Them.


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