Jotun Intro: Lightning Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns (Cont’d)


Loki is the son of Laufey and a Lightning Jotun, Who took His mother’s name due to being raised by Her without His father around. His primary Job is acting as an ambassador, diplomat, and politician.

In the course of His work with Asgard, He wound up needing to become a blood-brother to Odin as part of an arrangement. Because of this, He is often counted as being aligned with the Aesir, particularly in the aftermath of the Aesir / Vanir war, and it’s taken time for Him to be trusted as an ambassador to Vanaheim.

He is a consort of Angrboda and the father of Fenrir, Jormundgand, and Hela. He could not prevent His children from being taken by the Aesir and dealt with as the Aesir saw fit – Binding Fenrir and a magical entrapment to keep Jormundgand within Midgard’s oceans in His Serpent form (a less extensive binding). It was in Hela’s wyrd to take over the position of the Ruler of Helheim and tend to the dead, but taking Her from Her family and forcing Her into the position at a young age was a move that the Aesir did not plan very well.

Loki has made sacrifices and risked His life while doing His Job. He was left with no choice but to shift into a mare and be Sleipnir’s mother until Odin could use Sleipnir as a stead. His hands were tied by wyrd and politics in opting out the situations and events that tales have survived of, and He has not always been treated well despite coming through on His end of the bargain. The divisive attitudes that used to dominate concerning the Aesir and Jotuns also didn’t work in His favor, as the Aesir viewed Him as a Lightning Jotun.

He is the husband of Sigyn, Who carries different blood heritage and chosen alliances depending on the person, and with Her is the father of Narvi and Vali. Politics and working as an ambassador isn’t something that can be ended or left completely, so Loki traveled frequently for Work. He tried to keep Them from getting entangled in the inter-Realm politics and becoming pawns to be bartered.

In the course of His Work, Baldur approached Him concerning an alliance with Helheim. Baldur had dreamt of being killed, and when He approached His parents (Frigga and Odin), Their solution had been to get everything in the Nine Worlds to promise not to hurt Him. Baldur had been paying attention to the land-health of Asgard, and He believed something was afoot. Loki glanced into Baldur’s wyrd and spoke with Hela, and the prognosis was that Baldur needed to die. Baldur and Loki made an arrangement for this happen, and They sought out Someone with wyrd indicating Work in Helheim to help Them (Hoder).

Loki couldn’t go to Odin or Frigga about this plan and how necessary it was for Baldur to die because: 1) Fine print about not harming Odin’s family was being violated, which was going against more than one arrangement between Asgard and Jotunheim, 2) Repercussions relating to the blood-brother contract with Odin, and 3) Undermining the opinion and magic of Frigga. This made it necessary for Loki to not be the One technically throwing the dart of mistletoe in order for a potential Aesir / Jotun war to be prevented.

Facing another situation in which His hands were tied by politics and wyrd, Loki was burnt out to the fucking umpteenth degree on being an ambassador and politician. When Aegir held a politically neutral party during the Yule celebrations (the 5th of 12 days of Yule) and Loki wasn’t invited, He reached the last straw in being asked to risk so much and receive so little acknowledgement. He burned bridges and aired all kinds of laundry in public, which broke privacy clauses on more than one arrangement and was the most undiplomatic course of action possible.

Tossing items at Baldur was supposed to be a way to ease the tension as Everyone was processing secrets and such being let loose. The plan had already been set in motion, and had actually counted on Loki being invited; He placed the mistletoe dart in Hoder’s hand, and Baldur died. It was the last straw for the Aesir, and the hunt for Loki began. He evaded Them in several animal forms and avoided going home with the hopes that His family could be spared from the backlash.

Enough time had passed while hunting Loki down that Odin had moved from “an eye for an eye” retribution to organizing the most painful means of torturing Loki without directly killing Him, in order to reflect the agony that Odin and Frigga were dealing with over Baldur’s death. Loki sought out His daughter to double check the reading of His wyrd, and stopped trying to run away from His wyrd of being caught.

Neither read of the involvement of Narvi and Vali in Loki’s punishment, so there was no way to warn Sigyn and the children. Odin worked shapeshifting magic on Vali and turned Him into a wolf, swaying the untrained to shift boy into killing Narvi. Once Odin had a portion of Narvi’s intestines to bind Loki with, He altered a part of the magic so that Vali wouldn’t be stuck in the uncontrollable portion 24/7.

Narvi’s intestines were used to bind Loki to a rock in a cave. A serpent was hung above His head to drip poison on Him. Sigyn was given the choice to hold a bowl over His head or to leave Him, and She chose to stay. As with many stories involving Loki, there is no one officially correct version of whether He gets out of the cave, how, and what happens afterward. I’ve primarily dealt with Faces Who are trauma-splinters and don’t get to leave, but I do have one possible version for how things progressed.

The serpent hung above Loki’s head had to be fed something to lengthen its lifespan, which was when Loki and Sigyn were provided with some food while in the cave. Sometime between 1 – 1 ½ thousand years of being in the cave, Someone forgot or was kept from entering to feed the snake. After a few hundred years and late or skipped feedings, the snake died which led to the magic on the bindings weakening enough for Sigyn to take Loki from the cave. The extent to which other Deities were involved isn’t set in stone because Several claim interfering with only one feeding being missed and absolve Themselves of full credit.

Because time between Realms is wibbly-wobbly and there are trauma-splinters of Sigyn and Loki stuck in the cave, holding the bowl and offering food and drink as if They are still in the cave is not an inappropriate or worthless venture. It largely depends on the Faces that interact with you. The punishment in the cave was an extended break from being an ambassador and politician, so Loki has largely returned to His Tribe affiliation (many ambassadors are declared neutrally affiliated).

I think Loki still does work as an ambassador, but it’s more scaled back and less intense than before. No blood-brother oaths, no kidnapping children, no killing and/or non-consensual shifter magic on children, no endangering His life. He’s more focused on Midgard and building relations with us now, but He still manages the effects of the torture in the cave (with a form of PTSD). While Loki has been able to reunite with family, He has to be careful about meeting with Vali because They can trigger each Other.


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