Tweaking Vanaheim

As with a previous instance of my Deities using terminology that was technically incorrect but fit well enough to communicate at that time, I have run into needing to update information I’ve shared here. I’ve had People nudge me in the direction of Visions of Vanaheim, particularly in relation to the holy days. However, this doesn’t mean that everything in the book is applicable to my path.


  • The holy days – dates and basic information.
  • A type of priesthood has had roles we associate with certain Deities passed onto Them.
  • The basic tribal information.
  • There are several People Who are unNamed in lore, including Star Mother, Horn Father, and the Serpent Twins.
  • The citizens of Vanaheim can be described as elves and can be connected to certain elf stories we have.

Not applicable

  • The priesthood is not referred to as the King and Queen of Vanaheim.
  • Those Who fill these priest roles now, at least in my path, do not have consorts.
  • The names of the holy days [non-English wise] have been altered on my path.
  • The names given to unNamed People does not match with Nornoriel’s information, particularly relating to the King, Queen, and Their consorts.

I will be updating posts I’ve already shared – to the best of my ability – ASAP. I will aim to be clear about my personal deviations when posting in the future.


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