A Return to Tweaking Vanaheim

unNamed People

I updated Feast of the Fallen to include:

Gorwerdë (from the Tolkien Elvish oak gorw + seed erdë) [gore-wur-day]. He is not the ‘King’ and does not hold the priest role associated with the ‘King’ as Nornoriel has described. While Gorwerdë has taken on the official role of Sacrifice, He isn’t as involved or interested in ambassador work as Frey in my experience, which is why I still encounter Frey as being the focus of this day’s activities.


So, I’ve wound up finding out that Star Mother, Horn Father, and the Serpent Twins have priests. They all  have pools of priests with One as the ‘official priest’ because I have no terminology for these levels of priests / roles. When I refer to Them in my posts about the holy days, I’ve erred on the side of not being really confusing and used “priest of X”.

The priests serve as bridges to these harder to connect with Powers, and They can tap into the Hat / Title. This means that the official priest is called by the Name of the Who They are serving. The names as given to me are in Tolkien Elvish, so the English translation is the same as Who They’re serving (if we want to get specific).

However, when it comes to how I’ve interacted with these priests, I’ve more been getting a mix of Both (Whoever They’re serving + Them) that makes it hard to differentiate. I would have to rely on Whoever I was communicating with to be truthful in being ‘priest entirely passing on message’, ‘priest filling in holes of X’s initial message’, and ‘brief message entirely from X’. I may be able to build up a differentiation, but right now, I can’t.

  • Priest of Star Mother

When I was under the assumption that I was interacting with the ‘Queen’ (as named by Nornoriel), it was actually Elenamil (from [Tolkien] Elvish star elen + mother amil) [ell-in uh-mill]. She also accepts Amya [ah-m yuh] (informal variation of “mother”) outside of formal rituals. She started out as One of the “daughters of the stars”.

  • Priest of Horn Father

When I was under the impression that I was interacting with the ‘King’ (as named by Nornoriel), it was actually Tawaradar (from Elvish forest tawar + father adar) [tuh-war uh-d-are]. He also accepts Ada [ah-dah] (informal variation of “father”) outside of formal rituals. He started out as One of the “sons of the forest”.

  • Priests of the Serpent Twins

These priests also share the names of Who They serve, but I’ve also run into the Serpent Twins going by different names than Nornoriel gave. One’s name is Coi (life) [coy], and the Other’s is Nuru (death) [ner-roo].

The Serpent Twins are the firstborn children of Star Mother and Horn Father and embody all possible sexualities and genders, but I do not encounter Them as being dead (as Nornoriel presents in his book Visions of Vanaheim). Due to being created first, They seem distant, and I don’t experience Them as being as connected to Midgard as Star Mother and Horn Father are (They Work in other Worlds more).

Their pool of priests “children of the void” are what we’d classify as gender nonconforming, not cis, and generally wibbly-wobbly, gendery-wendery. This occurs in all priesthoods, but there’s a higher rate in this one (not uncommon with Serpent affiliated People in other groups of Entities).


This is part of how I’ve run into personal deviations from what Nornoriel has presented as his upg.


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