Brand new: Howl Necklace

Beth Wodandis Designs


This glowing, dark necklace with hints of shimmering red would make a spectacular stealth talisman to wear in honor of Fenrir, Loki’s wolf son, or alternately it would be very appropriate for Odin as well, especially in His role as Wild Huntsman. The central pendant is a sterling silver three-dimensional howling wolf dangling from a sterling silver European-style bail, on a strand of 8mm grade AAA silver rutilated quartz rounds (these are filled with chatoyant silver shimmer and must be seen to be believed; photos do not capture how amazing they are). The quartz beads alternate with 6 mm grade AA red tiger eye rounds (which are also incredibly chatoyant), 8mm grade A black jet pyrite rounds (pyrite embedded in black jet), 8mm grade AAA smoky titanium quartz rounds, 8mm grade A lava stone rounds, 2mm sterling silver spacer beads, tiny half-electroplated red/metallic gunmetal Czech crystal rondelles, and black Picasso…

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