Jotun Intro: Fire Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns (Cont’d)

Fire (Family of Fire)

Logi is the former King of Muspelheim, Who has since passed on the crown. He became the consort of Glut in the course of doing ceremonial rites and ritual sex for the health of Their land and Realm, and since He’s still alive, He still fulfills this duty. In the case of His death, this role would pass on to the current King. Logi is part of an order of Ancients Who tend to ancestral work and duties, so He may be able to assist with your own ancestral practice (if you have one, which isn’t required). He tends to be more sociable of His immediate family.

Glut is a member of and the current Leader of an initiate bound group (The Ring) that deals with spirit work, ceremonial rites, and what we consider priesthood. As a priest-leader, She became the consort of the King of Muspelheim for ceremonial purposes when Logi held that position. They still fulfill the ceremonial obligations of being consorts, but after Logi passed on the crown, They settled into a not-just-business partnership. She is often very busy with The Ring and navigating taboos based on certain rituals, skills, lessons, etc., so Logi often assists with interfacing with Others.

Eisa is the oldest daughter of Logi and Glut. She was conceived due to ceremonial reasons and born into The Ring, becoming a priest and spirit worker like Her mother. She also must navigate taboos and secrecy clauses, so She typically doesn’t interact with those outside Her Realm very often.

Einmyria is the younger daughter of Logi and Glut. She was conceived in a period of time after Logi had passed on the crown and Glut’s taboos and rules on ritual sex were relaxed for awhile. Without the priest demands of wyrd, She was closer to Logi while growing up and often assists the Ancients (They are not initiate bound and are much less formal and taboo-bound than The Ring). She is sociable, good in leadership, and has been in charge of the royal servants and staff of the current King for many years.

Surt is the current King of Muspelheim. Crowned in His youth, He admittedly was not as diplomatic, able to control His emotions, and made mistakes in trying to interact with the leaders and kings of other Realms. Partnering with Jotunheim and giving Him time to gain experience and skills with the assistance of Their ambassadors was very beneficial to His reign, and He now is quite skilled at diplomatic meetings and political maneuvering.

As a young, single King, Surt took many consorts and has amassed a considerable amount of sons, grandsons, and the like. His sons often work as ambassadors to other Realms, and His family often assists with message delivery to Midgard (answering His phone and passing on messages on His behalf).

In the face of a family within the Family of Fire desiring to split away, part of the agreement and peace treaty entailed one of the children of the family leader being married to Surt. A system of differently colored sparks and flames give information about how two Flames interact when They touch, but many only know of the color that indicates marriage is wyrd-compatible, blue. This color system is advantageous to political arrangements by indicating if marriage is in the couple’s wyrd, how successful it will be, if any children are possible, and other factors.

Ash, Who by our Midgard frame of reference is an intersex man, married Surt and by marrying the King became the Queen of Muspelheim. A capable diplomat and partner in running a Realm, Ash often isn’t well known in other Realms based on cultural differences. He or Zhe has run into inter-World differences in opinion of Who is qualified to be a Queen, and often prefers to deal more directly with Muspelheim than interfacing with those Who react disrespectfully. He often brings out a loving, newlywed side in Surt, and the Flames of Muspelheim are quite fond of Their Queen.


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