Jotun Intro: Snow / Ice Tribe

A non-exclusive introduction to some Jotuns (Cont’d)

Snow / Ice (Family of Snow and Ice)

There isn’t a King or Queen of the Family of Snow and Ice. The individual families within the Family elect a Head, either through vote, being an elder, or some other consideration depending on the family. The Heads gather together and make decisions for the Family, as the Snow Court. Lower ranked courts also depend on representatives of the families making decisions and getting the approval of the Snow Court, such as courts that handle law-making and trials of law-breakers.

This system was created for the governing of Niflheim and works quite well for this Family. However, interacting with other Realms has required putting forth Someone to act on the Realm’s behalf. Anyone from Midgard interacting with this Family may run into any member of the Snow Court, and they often will also wind up interacting with the family members of that Snow Court member as well.

The Snow Court has specifically elected two of its members to interact with the other Worlds of Yggdrasil as ambassadors and representatives of the Family. Many members can juggle running Their Realm, interacting with those of us on Midgard, and keeping up with Their family, but They often are not interested in juggling politics and commitments with the other Eight Realms on top of this. The Heads Who represent the Family of Snow and Ice are Kari and Holda.


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