Jotun Intro: Neutral (Helheim)

Almost done with introducing Jotuns

Neutrality – Helheim

Hela is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda. She is a corpse shifter, and being the Ruler of Helheim was in Her wyrd before birth. She was taken from Her family by the Aesir as a child and forced into claiming rulership early. For many years, She would not enter Asgard or let Odin enter Helheim in order to discuss political matters and arranged for meetings in Jotunheim.

It took a concerted effort on Odin’s end to make amends for how the Aesir had treated the Jotuns before Hela accepted any invitations to Asgard. As a matter of principle and because Odin has disturbed the dead for information over the years, She still arranges to discuss politics in Jotunheim rather than Her hall in Helheim.

While She has made it clear that She is a Jotun and will not side with politics that will negatively affect Her kin and homeland, Hela has become a neutrally affiliated Jotun. Most Jotuns will affiliate with Their parental Tribes, but a few claim no affiliation due to family conflict or by extended ambassador work. Hela made this decision upon taking the High Seat in Helheim and becoming the current Caretaker of the dead.

Anyone may enter Helheim, unless arrangements have been made for the individual to enter the hall of one of the Deities (or for Midgardians, to go to the appropriate afterlife of a different faith). This means that the land of the dead is less of a group of people that need ruled and more of a collection of people that need taken care of. Hela, as Ruler and Caretaker, holds the highest position in the court She has appointed to help the needs of the people to be met.

The People elected to be organized somewhat by Realm of life, so there are eight sections of burial mounds. A member of the court is appointed to each section to take care of meeting organizational and cultural matters (many desire structures and events that They experienced while alive). A lower court of priests tend to religious and spiritual events for the People, as well as assisting the organization of diviners with sending information to the living. Another lower court is composed of guild-heads, Who are in charge of the workers Who help to meet the needs of the Realm (farming, tending to the renowned Orchards, fishing, distributing food, etc.).

A welcoming committee of sorts helps with those Who have just arrived to Helheim and have questions, and there are staff to help. A select group of diviners assist Hela with the reading of wyrd to determine when, where, and in what life circumstances People are to be reborn. Ambassadors to the other Realms also assist diviners with broaching political matters and arranging meetings. While there are People deemed royalty and afforded respect within Their group of dead, Hela prefers to not use a royalty model of ruling (not taking a King and requiring observances paid to a Queen from Her People), though there are those who refer to Her as Queen out of respect and deference to Her rulership.

There are several members of Her court Who are particularly well known (especially with us in Midgard). Nanna, the wife of Baldur, is a guild-head for the clothing producers, weavers, textile makers, etc. and is the representative for the female dead from Asgard. Hoder, the brother of Baldur, is the representative for the dead Who have been blind from birth and frequently assists the Light-Bearers with helping those with mental illnesses. Baldur, the son of Odin and Frigga, is a consort of Hela Who brings light and health to the Realm as a Sacrificial One. Mordgud holds the position of Gatekeeper and oversees the boundary guardians for Helheim.

Several ambassadors are Sacrifices Who spend a temporary time in Helheim or are not allowed to enter before being turned away. Frey held this position for the Vanir for many years before the role was officially passed on, and Idunna spends a short amount of time in Helheim in exchange for cultivating a strain of apples from Helheim among the living (ensuring health and longevity among the Deities). As a consort of Hela Who spends most of Her time in a long distance relationship, Idunna can sometimes also assist mortal partners of Deities with handling the distance of their relationships.

While there are other ambassadors and guides, one Guide is Sleipnir. He is officially known as Odin’s stead and acts as a go-between for the horses and horse shifters in Asgard. Not as well known in some Realms is the position Sleipnir holds as a Guide to Helheim and back. He is paramount to the success of the yearly Hunt by being able to lead the dead and the living to Helheim and returning safely with the living. While He is busy, particularly during the season of the Hunt, Sleipnir may be able to assist with certain portions of shadow work that entail traveling to Helheim and returning.


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