Jotun Intro: Neutral (Ambassadors)

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Neutrality – Ambassadors

Holding a neutral affiliation while being counted among the Jotuns is known for ambassadors Who live for extended periods of time in other Realms and for those Who marry as part of Their work. While Loki is a very well known ambassador, He returned to affiliation and took a considerable break from working as an ambassador and politician with His punishment in the cave. Some encounter Him as retired from politics once released from the cave, while others encounter Him with a very minimal Job that depends on how well He handles the mental effects of the punishment (a form of PTSD is possible to encounter).

Gerda married Frey in the course of Her ambassador work. She carries Mountain and Tree lineage and is very well known for Her work with and magic surrounding herbs. She has participated in ambassador work with Asgard, Ljossalfheim, and Vanaheim as part of Her marriage to Frey. With the improvements in Aesir / Jotun interactions and politics, Gerda has let other ambassadors take over working with the Aesir. She helps to maintain a cordial relationship with the Light Elves and interacts most strongly with the Vanir and Midgard.

Skadi married Njord in the course of Her ambassador work. She carries Mountain and Snow lineage, and Her ambassador work primarily dealt with Asgard and Vanaheim. Citing incompatibility with the ocean and seashore, She divorced Njord and They split amicably. She has retired from interacting with Asgard and the Aesir as They re-evaluated truces and treaties to treat Jotuns more fairly. Skadi now interacts most strongly with Vanaheim and the Vanir.


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    1. Hm. I’m honestly not sure. I’d have to check, but it wouldn’t really surprise me if I didn’t get a lot of information. Unless I really need to interact with a Job function, I sometimes don’t get to find out much about Jobs.

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      1. I’ve tried on and off, but I’m still getting a ‘you don’t really need to know’ answer. It might be one of those things that just varies from person to person. *shrug* Not to mention at a certain point, Fenrir started getting trolly with answers (Right now, it’s my job to take care of you).

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