This is why I schedule and queue posts.

This past Monday we started LX Over, and Q2Q started on Friday. This past weekend was tech weekend. As the ALD, I technically didn’t have to help during the tech work calls (10 am to 11:45, which is before tech starts; 5 – 7, which is tech dinner break), but we have a reduced crew (some Grads are away on internships, 1392 Practicum students aren’t required (and it was Dad’s Weekend), and we have an actor / electrician dual who is acting in the show (not required to come in)).

I have spent so much time in the theatre, even just the house at the tech table, this past weekend. I have no idea how my one instructor thought that I could try to write my full-length during tech. It sounds like it could work in theory, but application didn’t work out. I have no idea what this week is going to be like. I can’t remember when I last brushed my teeth, I don’t think I’ve showered since Thursday, I was up until 5 am last night, and I’m currently pulling an all-nighter para get everything done.

My LD didn’t send me the cue sheet until after tonight’s rehearsal, so I have to update it tonight, and I have to update the cheat sheet tonight. She’s presenting this design to my Lighting Design I class tomorrow, and she needs updated paperwork (which also means getting the plot up to date). So much paperwork. So many lists. At least I sent her the notes for tonight and have the work / focus notes for the MEs. It’s been a somewhat productive night for being 4:30 something in the morning. We’re not talking about the homework I have to do.

I’m a tired ball of numbed ‘eh’. I should probably be stressed, but it’s jut not happening right now. Anyways, back to Vectorworks and Lightwright.


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