Disclaimer on Journeying / Travel

I am unable to journey or travel to other Worlds, or as some prefer to call it astral travel. Information that I know is dependent upon asking and receiving answers through divination, so concepts, words, and information that I do not know to ask are hard to convey without resorting to dream messages (where images can come through, but not necessarily languages I don’t know).

Not to mention that I do think the Tribes and Families are large enough for there to be differences in what is conveyed to us. Various ideas and theories have been put forward to explain differences and contradictions in what Deities tell humans, but regardless of how, it does happen. So, if you want to know something specific, you may need to be the one to ask.

Basically, I’m not the one to help with certain specifics. I’d suggest asking Someone if you want to know about social rules and what is considered polite behavior if you’re planning on visiting. Mind your manners, don’t be an asshole, and being upfront about visiting for the first time probably won’t hurt. If you want to meet with Someone, especially a Deity named in the Lore, it would probably help to schedule an appointment and let Them know you’re going to be dropping by.

An approximate map of Jotunheim from what I can discern (click to enlarge):

Jotunheim Map


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