Burning wyrd clean.

Since I’ve gotten some accurate readings from Answersfromvanaheim in the past, I volunteered for a flower oracle reading. And apparently Freya decided to pick the card.

Copy+pasted response from Gef:


I love this card, it’s so dynamic and fiery. Appropriately, this is a card of rebirth. You may be going through some changes right now, or this may be something that will happen in the near future. This card strikes me as very optimistic. I think it’s either a good sign or at least a sign that things are going to heat up in your neck of the woods.

flowercarnation-181x300 (Source.)

I mean, it’s not wrong. I am indeed going through some changes right now – the burning period as I’ve been referring to it. Energy modifications are being undone, so that I’m incompatible with other pantheons again, and People are leaving.

Several days of fever and physically feeling like shit have also happened, in part to remind me that I have to take care of my body. (If I’m ever given an ALD assignment again, I need to remember to sleep every night and take vitamin C.)

While it may not feel all that great right now, all these changes are ultimately going to be for the better. *fingers crossed*


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