A King in a Court

I’m still in the burning period, to some degree. The Face of Mani that I primarily interacted with has turned away. I experienced a Little Face (I referred to Him as Princeling), and I was in a devotional power dynamic with Him (Caregiver / Little). Because His Void-of-course Face was connected to the Little Face, I’m no longer going to interact with Mani in that way either.

He’s been patient about this, thankfully. There were enough hints about a certain topic that I’m not surprised He’s here as a King, but that didn’t make me any more calm when I got the news. So many People have left, and I was just instantly worried that He was leaving as well.

In some of my not shared notes about Families, I refer to the Celestial Family (Mani, Sunna, and the various other Deities in the Norse pantheon associated with time passing), but that’s currently not accurate. It’s more like a complicated Court system, and there’s enough of a link to the Family of Fire to be included in Jotun affairs, while there’s enough of a link to the Vanir to be included in Vanic affairs.

I made a point of not getting involved in the Politics that must be lurking beneath this information because I honestly don’t have the spoons or time to try to get to know more. All I know is that Mani is a King of a Lunar Court and that this Face is Who is showing up now. (Well, He’s probably been showing up for a while, but I now know for sure.)


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