Yule Tree


Hail Sunna

Hail to m’Lady Sigyn

Shout out to the Vanir

Sometimes I’m not sure who is more excited when the tree gets done – my People or our cat. Either way, the first step of celebrating Yule is done because the tree’s up and lit.

Certain People are honored on some of the 12 days of Yule, and I do a shout out to two Tribes of Vanaheim each night. I shared a break down here, so I’m not really feeling like taking up a lot of space with sharing the same info in a different format.

With my personal versions of the Vanic holy days just getting implemented this year, it’s going to be the start of having a “free space” nature to celebrating Yule. I go into it more in the Lights of the Serpent post, but Star Mother and Horn Father pick a different ritual that will benefit Vanaheim and the Vanir each year.

This year Yule will acknowledge different alliances and Allies that the Realm has, and I’m doing something each day here in Midgard to recognize that.

  • 1 – Helheim – I’m going to be starting a knitting project for Hela, and I have to check in with my dead (and some People I associate with because of my dead).
  • 2 – Niflheim – I’m going to check in with Fenrir.
  • 3 – Museplheim – I need to make cleaning progress for Sunna.
  • 4 – Svartalfheim – Blith. I’ll find out what to do the day of.
  • 5 – Nidavellir – Njord (on behalf of Andvari). Find out the day of.
  • 6 – Ljossalfheim – Nectë. Find out the day of.
  • 7 – Midgard – Jormundgand. Find out the day of.
  • 8 – Jotunheim – Angrboda. Find out the day of.
  • 9 – Asgard – Odin. Find out the day of.
  • 10, 11, 12 – These days are for other pantheons, and I don’t have as much to do for them.

Because the 10th day is 12.31, I’ll just do my New Year’s divination for 2016, and I’ll do something for my Infernal contacts on the 11th day. The 12th has nothing extra (unless Someone surprises me later).


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