2015 in Review

I’m aware that this is technically late. I caught whatever my grandfather gave to my grandmother early in my winter break, and I’ve primarily been wanting to sleep since 2016 started.

. . .

~ I have walked the Hel-road and returned (post; discusses seasonal depression and the CODE FUCKING RED point of being suicidal).

~ I was a Master Electrician (ME) on a main stage show here (on campus) for the first time [spring semester]. May not have been A+++, but for a first attempt, it was pretty damn good.

~ Experienced my first semester as a Senior – Semester Review and a leadership position in the Shop.

~ I was an ME for another show and definitely showed improvements [fall semester].

~ I was Assistant Lighting Designer (ALD) for a main stage show for the first time [fall semester].

~ Despite being passively suicidal during most of the semester (first antidepressant apparently was a no-go), I made it.

~ Peaches – a secular Spirit – has entered my life, and I’m glad She’s here.

~ A new group of dead showed up, toting a Person to be added. (Not permitted to divulge more details about them / Them online, as of right now.)

~ “The Burning Period”

I can’t tell if I’ve been through one very long burning period or multiple smaller burning periods, but it’s like my inner flame of devotion has exploded out into my life. Some shrines have been charred, and it’s simply a matter of relationships shifting over time; some have been reduced to ashes, and People have left.

New connections sparked into being. Some fizzled out, while others have been carefully sheltered from the elements and are growing slowly. Flames thought to be longer lasting were put out, pantheons were trimmed away, and some debt I never thought could be removed was burned away.


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