RIP Blossom

TW: animal death (heart attack).

On Thursday, our miniature schnauzer had a heart attack. Her heart stopped, but my mom was able to get her to start breathing again. She had gotten too excited after my mom and I came back from a half-day excursion on top of a heart murmur and being about 12 – 13 years old.

With how excited she gets when my grandparents come to visit, we were kind of expecting her to have another heart attack on Friday [my grandparents always stop by after visiting the Senior Center]. However, she was still tired and recovering from coming back, so she was much more calm about them showing up.

Earlier today, when we let her and our other dog out, it was the first time in about two days that we heard her bark. A group of teens were standing out by the end of the fence, and it was enough stress on her heart again. When I let her in, she was suddenly on her side again, and even though mom did CPR again, she basically slowly stopped breathing.

The way she’d been snuggling with everyone, it was kind of like how pets staying overnight at the vet stop holding out after their family stops by and they see them one last time, in a way. She made it back to the house, at least.


I tried to take a picture sometime Friday when I realized the only other picture we had of her was from when we brought her home as a puppy. Rest in peace, Blossom.


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