Weekly Writing: 1.18.16

The Sun

Peaking around the horizon, a glimmer of hope breaks through the twilight. A small smile, a blush among the clouds, the potential for a good start to the day. There can be happiness, a surprise, anything waits.

Dependability, clockwork, routine. As surely as the sun rises in the morning, it sets in the evening. Glancing back, painting a promise in the sky that there’s still hope, light will return. Darkness does not last forever.

I was asked to pull a tarot card in relation to this week and free-write. For me there seems to be a lot of hope associated with the sun, encouragement, the potential for happiness from a fresh slate.

With starting the semester so recently, I think it’s a bit of a reminder to try to keep a positive outlook on the next 14 weeks. It seems like I have to do a lot for my classes, and there are so many shows happening, but I can create a routine to help manage time and energy (particularly with this online class).

I’m so close to my psychiatric intake appointment. Remember that Sunna returns in the morning, and take things a day at a time.


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